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Air and Ventilation

Ventilation is essential in a grow environment. To achieve a high quality of air in your grow room there has to be a sufficient amount of air exchange. Plants will thrive in any grow environment when receiving a constant supply of fresh CO2-rich air and kept at the right temperature and humidity. 

An extractor fan will also help remove any excess heat build up generated by your grow lights. When growing plants indoors, a high or low temperature can create a poor environment for plants growth. Summer and Winter indoor growing both have different requirement to keep the optimal environment.

Additional moisture can be controlled via a humidifier, dehumidification  systems. Carbon Filters like Rhino, Phreash, Bulldog & Diamond will help to control unwanted organic odours. At Hackney Hydroponics we stock extractor fans to meet every size of growing space and every budget as well as a range of fan controllers to give you the precision fan speed control that will accurately balance your growing environment, we also have a number of complete kits that includes the matching fan, carbon filter and all the components for a full set-up we also have a wide selection of box fans, silenced extractors, insulted ducting to reduce motor and air flow noise.

For more information on Air Flow and Ventilation visit our showroom in Hackney, East London or call us on 020 8533 0497 or email us on

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